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I first encountered bonsai one spring day in the previous decade.

It happened during a visit to a local garden center which was hosting a bonsai exhibition organized by a number of enthusiasts that exhibiting their trees

Although I had been growing plants in containers as far back as I can remember (it started pretty much the second I learned how to turn on a faucet...), and once I had even received a "pseudo-bonsai" as a gift; but at that exhibition, I discovered for the first time another world which married cultivating trees and styling them artistically in shallow containers. I was absolutely amazed at the very concept!

My enthusiasm and passion for bonsai had been sparked, and through trial and error, I was determined to teach myself the art and make my way towards my first bonsai.
My past experience with growing plants in containers gave me a solid advantage for a beginner in this field.

With time, I devoted more and more time to studying this fascinating artform,

I underwent the change required to become proficient in the various bonsai techniques, and met numerous bonsai artists from around the world, some of who even came and visited here, in my garden.

My bonsai collection is varied, and includes dozens of species, grown in various different styles, sizes and pots - from traditional bonsai pots, through natural stone plantings, and even to slab-plantings. Each tree’s styling is documented from the moment it arrives in my garden, and my bonsai lectures and workshops demonstrate the bonsai styling process by showing both the tree, and a presentation detailing its development.

I am also the administrator for the Israeli bonsai forum “Bonsai in Israel”, and am always happy to share my experience and guide beginning artists on their bonsai journey.

My trees have been displayed and exhibited in various exhibitions, I believe that bonsai, in addition to evoking the image of a mature tree in nature, must also create the illussion that the tree or landscape is not man-made. As an Israeli, my designs are inspired by the natural shapes and forms of mature trees, as they appear in my local landscapes, but without breaking from the traditional rules of bonsai.



Amihay Yehizkiyahu                                                                                                 


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